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How to migrate Helm to Windows Plesk (DNS only)

This article provides you with information on how to migrate your domains to Windows Plesk. This article is valid for domains that have no website or email data attached (Domain Parking)



Step 1 – Order your Plesk windows package via a 1-grid website or customer zone.

  • We would advise choosing the Plesk Medium or Large package. 
  • The medium package allows for 200 domains and the large unlimited domains.


Step 2 – Make note of all custom DNS for domains you are moving as you will need to re-add them on your new Plesk Control Panel.


Step 3 Log in to the Plesk control panel and add all domains you wish to park here.


Step 4 Add custom DNS records you noted previously to your Plesk Control Panel.


Step 5 – Update your domain nameservers to point to the new Plesk Control Panel.

  • If your domain is registered with 1-grid use steps here to update your nameservers



TIP: For more information regarding our Migration to Windows Plesk, please see this article here.

Updated on August 31, 2023

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