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Top Benefits of migrating from WSP to Windows Plesk

This article will show you different benefits why you should move from the Website Panel package over to Windows Plesk 

1. Plesk is the latest platform to host domains on than Website Panel (WSP)

2. Version of PHP is higher on Plesk than the Website Panel (WSP)

3. Create a WordPress Site (One click install) 

4. Migrating services to Plesk is much easier – https://1-grid.com/knowledge/how-to-migrate-from-wsp-to-windows-plesk/

5. Connect a Git repository

6. Much more support on the Plesk platform along with the latest version than Website Panel (WSP). WSP is not up to date

7. Import website from another hosting

8. You can add an SSL on Plesk, which is much easier to install, Website Panel (WSP)  requires a dedicated IP address to install SSL which is an additional cost – https://1-grid.com/knowledge/plesk-upload-a-ssl-certificates/

9. Uploading content using File Manager after website’s creation

10. Import emails from any platform

11. Latest .Net and ASP.Net Core support

12. One month free when moving over from Website Panel (WSP) over to Plesk platform.

Our top priority is to ensure a smooth customer journey within the Plesk Obsidian. We plan to significantly improve the process, update our web stack (MariaDB, PHP Composer, improve Docker integration), enhance overall UX in Plesk, and much more. We are going to frequently add updates.

Updated on October 19, 2023

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