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Plesk: Setting up Scheduled Tasks

This article provides you with information on how to setup scheduled tasks in Plesk.

Step 1 – Login to Plesk.

  • Login with username and password received when you completed your subscription.


Step 2 – Click on Scheduled Tasks

If you need to run scripts on your hosting account at a specific time, use the task scheduler in Plesk to make the system automatically run the scripts for you.

Step 3 – Click on Add Task

Step 4 – Complete task schedule and click OK.

  • Command. Specify the full path to the executable file to be run. This includes binary files, shell scripts, and batch files.
  • Fetch a URL. Specify the URL only; there is no need to type the command, such as “curl” or “wget”.
  • Run a PHP script. Specify the path to the script relative to your virtual host directory. You can click the image-74476.pngicon to quickly locate the script file.
  • Next, select how often the task will run, and set the desired time and date. By default the time is in the server time zone; if you need to select a different time zone, go to Websites & Domains tab > Scheduled Tasks > Settings.
  • You can also set a description for the task, and configure notifications.

Updated on October 19, 2023

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