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What is Email for Business?

This article provides you with information regarding our new web based Email for Business product.

Our new email for business product is an email only package that provides you with access to your email on any device, anywhere. Our solution is web-based such as Gmail or Outlook Live, meaning you don’t need to use an app like Outlook for it to work. Simply login using account details received through any web browser  on your computer , tablet or mobile phone and you’re ready to go. The product has two options Basic and Pro, below we will  provide you with the specifications for each.

Email for Business Basic

  • Monthly Fee – R49.00
  • Storage – 10GB
  • Maximum Message Size – 25MB
  • Maximum Number of Recipients -150
  • Ad-free-Yes
  • Calendar- Yes
  • Contacts -Yes

Email for Business Pro

  • Free .co.za domain
  • Monthly Fee – R69.00
  • Storage – 25GB
  • Maximum Message Size- 25MB
  • Maximum Number of Recipients-250
  • Mailing Lists -10
  • User Aliases -3    (Additional Mailboxes on domain)
  • Ad-free-Yes
  • Calendar- Yes
  • Contacts -Yes
  • Tasks- Yes
  • Calendar & Contact sharing- Yes
  • Instant Messenger-Yes
  • Team Workspaces-Yes
  • Video conferencing -Yes

INFO: To setup your domain to use this service please see our article on how to point your domain to use our Email for business web-based email product.

General DNS Entries

There are several DNS entries that are required in order to run a mail server. These not only make the mail server visible to the world, but also can help ease the use of mail accounts by end users. Below, these are listed as well as their function.

mail.example.com        A                                  ($serverip$)

smtp.example.com       cname                          Mail.example.com
pop.example.com        cname                          
imap.example.com       cname                          
                                        mx                   5          

·                                       mx                   5          1-grid-mx02.com
                                        mx                   5          1-grid-mx03..co.za
                                        mx                   5          1-grid-mx04.com

        txt   ” v=spf1 mx a ip4: ($serverip$)a:mail.example.com a:smtp.mail.example.com include:relay.mailchannels.net ~all “

TIP: Should you require more information regarding our Business Email Solution please see related articles. Alternatively you can contact our Support Center by clicking here. 

Updated on August 31, 2023

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