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Plesk: How to install your SSL certificate

This article provides you with step by step instructions on how to configure and install your SSL certificate on Windows Plesk. This article asumes you have already purchashed a SSL certificate, if not please see how to order one.



Step 1 – Generate your CSR



Step 2  – Validate your Domain 

  • Choose between Email, DNS, and Auth file validation.
  • Follow the steps provided to complete domain validation.



Step 3  – Install your SSL certificate


  • Go to the same place where you generated your CSR
  • Click on the CSR name created.




  • Paste the contents of your SSL and CA-bundle files downloaded into the fields and click Upload certificate


Step 4  – Enable HTTPS  redirection

  • Go to Hosting Settings > Security
  • Enable SSL /TLS Support
  • Select the SSL certificate you just installed
  • Click OK

Updated on August 30, 2023

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