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Migrating from Reseller (Shared) to Business VPS

This article provides you with information on how to migrate your domains data to your Business VPS from a shared reseller package.

When purchasing a Business VPS with 1-grid you can either opt for 1-grid to migrate your accounts or a “Do It Yourself” migration. Should you wish for 1-grid to migrate your accounts the following fees are applicable:

  • 0-5 accounts free of charge, additional accounts are charged at R300/ ph


“Do It Yourself”  migration: 

On your current Reseller package you would need to backup each cPanel account for transfer.

Step 1 – Login to cPanel

Step 2 – Click on Backup under the File section

Step 3 – Click on Download a Full Account Backup.

  • This will generate a full cPanel account backup for download to your local computer.
  • Once generated download the backup to you local computer. Depending how big the cPanel account is this may take some time. For more detailed instructions please article here

On your new Business VPS you will need to upload the previously generated backup.

Step 1 – Login to WHM

Step 2 – Select Restore a Full Backup / cpmove file

Step 3– Choose restore from file under Settings and upload your backup.

INFO: Once all your cPanel accounts has been migrated to your Business VPS you will need to update your domains nameservers to point to your new VPS. Please see this article here on how to complete this. You will also need to update your email routing on SpamTitan Firewall.

TIP: Should you run into any issues please contact our Support Center by clicking here. 

Updated on March 6, 2023

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