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How to set up an email on Android mobile device

This guide provides you with the steps to setup your email account on an Android mobile device. The settings will stay the same for any device. We highly recommend always using IMAP when setting emails up across different devices.


Step 1– Select your Mail icon from your home screen.





Step 2 – Enter your email address and password then select manual setup.

– On the next screen choose IMAP.



Step 3 – Enter incoming and outgoing email server settings and click next.





TIP:  Should you not be sure what you email server settings are please see What are my email settings?



Step 4– Configure account options as preferred and set account name.

Step 5– Completed! Click Done and you account will be ready to use.

TIP: Mobile phones would automatically update their software and features on a regular basis. Should you have issue with your setup of the email account on your mobile phone we would highly recommend contacting your mobile provider such as Cellc, Vodacom or Telkom’s support to better assist  as they are trained to deal with setups on all versions of your mobile phone.

Updated on March 9, 2023

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