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How to open and close ports in Windows Firewall

This article will show you How to open and close ports in Windows Firewall 

1.   Right-click the Start button

2.   Click Search

3.   Type Windows Firewall


Click Search. Type Windows Firewall.

4.   Click Windows Firewall

5.   Click Advanced settings



Click Windows Firewall. Click Advanced settings.



6.   Click Inbound Rules 

7.   Click New Rule


Click Inbound Rules. Click New Rule.



8.   Click Port

9.   Click Next


Click Port. Click Next.


10.                Click either TCP or UDP

11.                Click Specific local ports


Click either TCP or UDP. Click Specific local ports.


12.                Type a port number (In this case, we will open port 1707)

13.                Click Next


Type a port number. Click Next.


14.                Click Allow the connection

15.                Click Next


Click Allow the connection. Click Next.


16.                Click any network types you’d like to allow the connection over

17.                Click Next



Click any network types. Click Next.


18.                Type a name for the rule

19.                Click Finish


Type a name for the rule. Click Finish.


How to close a port in Windows Firewall


1.   Right-click the Start button

2.   Click Search


Right-click the Start button. Click Search.



3.   Type Windows Firewall

4.   Click Windows Firewall



Type Windows Firewall. Click Windows Firewall.



5.   Click Advanced settings

6.   Click Inbound Rules or Outbound Rules



Click Advanced settings. Click Inbound or Outbound Rules.



7.   Click the rule you created

8.   Click the name 


Click the rule. Click the name of the rule.


9.   Click Disable Rule

10.                Click Delete if you want to completely delete the rule



Click Disable Rule. Click Delete.


Updated on March 6, 2023

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