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Domains: Transfer vs. Nameserver Change

This article provides you with information regarding the difference between domain transfers and domain nameserver change.



How do domain names work?


Domain names are registered with a domain registrar in this case the registrar is 1-grid. You pay the registrar a yearly fee to keep the domain active.

Your registrar then points the domain name to a set of nameservers, and those nameservers in essence point your domain name to your hosting package, where your website and emails are hosted.

You can register your domain with whichever domain registrar you would like, and you can still host that website with 1-grid as long as you ask your registrar to point your domain’s nameservers to 1-grid’s nameservers.

Transferring your domain is not a requirement to host your website with us, however it is easier to manage if you domain and hosting package is under one company. Thus, when any updates are made it would be faster to complete if everything is hosted under one company.



Domain Transfers

Domain transfer refers to the process of moving a domain name from one registrar to another. Say you are moving your domain to 1-grid you would follow the process here. This process does not automatically update your DNS to point to the new registrar. But allow you to manage the domain’s nameservers under the new registrar.




Nameserver change

The nameserver change refers to pointing your domain to the new registrar. To update your domain nameservers to point to 1-grid you would use our nameservers:


Linux Hosting Windows Plesk Business VPS









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Updated on April 4, 2024

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