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cWatch: How to add your website

This article provides you with steps to add your website domain to cWatch

  • You need to add websites to cWatch to enable protection and to use the content delivery network (CDN).
  • The number of sites you can add depends on your license. See Purchase a License for details about license types.
  • Once added, you can configure threat monitoring and CDN settings for each site.

Add a new domain

The dashboard shows all protected websites as a tile. Each tile provides an at-a-glance summary of any problems on the site.

  • Click the ‘Add New Site’ tile, or the ‘Add Site’ button at the top-right.

The ‘Add Websites’ wizard starts:

The wizard has three steps:

  • Step 1 – Register your website
  • Step 2 – Select License
  • Step 3 – Site Provisioning in Progress

Step 1 – Register your website

  • Enter the domain name of the website you want to register. Do not include ‘www’ at the start.

Step 2 – Select License

Next, choose the type of license you want to activate on the site.

  • cWatch features vary according to license type. See License Types for more details.
  • The drop-down menu lets you select from all licenses you have purchased.
  • Choose the type of license you wish to associate with the domain:

  • Click ‘Finish’ to proceed
  • See Purchase a License if you need help buying more licenses.

Step 3 – Finalization

The final stage is for cWatch to provision your site:

You will see the following confirmation message when registration is complete:

  • Next up is to enable cWatch protection on the site
  • Click ‘Get Started’ to open the ‘Overview’ page for the website
  • The overview page lets you configure malware and vulnerability scans, firewall rules, CDN settings, and more
  • This is covered in more detail in the Website Overview section.

Important Note:

  • cWatch generates a CNAME DNS record for the website you just enrolled
  • You need to add this record to the DNS entry for your domain to route site traffic through the CDN
  • To view the CNAME record:
  • Select a website in the drop-down at top-left of the dashboard
  • Select the ‘DNS’ tab (or click the hamburger button and select ‘DNS’)
  • The CNAME DNS record is shown under ‘DNS’

Tip: You can skip this step for now and add the CNAME to DNS later. See DNS Configuration for help with this.

  • Repeat the process to add more websites.

Remove Websites

You can remove any site that you no longer want to protect with cWatch.

  • Select the website from the drop-down at the top-left of the dashboard
  • Click the ‘Overview’ tab (or click the hamburger button and select ”Overview’)
  • Click ‘Remove Site’ at the bottom-left of the interface:

A warning message is shown.

  • Enter the domain name of the site you want to delete then click ‘Remove Site’.


  • Removing a website will delete all its data from cWatch. The site’s traffic will no longer be routed through the CDN
  • You should manually revert the name servers in the site’s DNS settings to their default servers
  • The site license will become available for use on a different website
Updated on March 17, 2023

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