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Google Blacklisting

What is Google Blacklisting?

When search engines remove a website from their index.

If a website is blacklisted by Google, it loses about 95% of its organic traffic.

 Types Of Google Blacklisting


Google Malware Blacklisting


Examples of warnings below that will be reflected in your browser: 

·         “The Website Ahead Contains Malware!”

·         “Danger: Malware Ahead!”

·         “The site ahead contains harmful programs”

·         “The site ahead contains malware”

·         “Reported Attack Page!”

·         “Suspected Malware Site”

·         “This website has been reported as unsafe”


Google Phishing Blacklist

Examples of warnings below that will be reflected in your browser: 

·         Deceptive site ahead

·         Suspected Phishing Site

·         Website Request Forgery

Why Is My Website Blacklisted in Google?

The reason why websites are blacklisted is the injection of malware affected code without the permission of websites’ owners. 

Here are some simple ways to verify the blacklisting of your website:

1. Manual Method for Already Indexed websites:

If your website’s pages are already indexed by Google, simply perform this search on Google


For example, let’s search Site:1-grid on Google.

If no results are returned then there is a good chance that your website is hacked.

2. Using Site Check Software’s:

Visit GEEK FLARE , enter your website URL and test it. 

3. Check it with Google:

Use Google’s Safe Browsing Diagnostic Tool – To use the tool, just append a URL to the end of  http://www.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site

For example, to test this site, you would enter http://www.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=https://1-grid.com 


List of Free Blacklist Checkers

1.    Blacklist check tool – Chrome Web Store – Google

2.    IP Blacklist Check and Monitor

3.    MX Toolbox 

4.    http://www.shallalist.de 

5.    BlackListAlert

6.    Blacklist Monitoring

7.    Google Webmaster Tools


If you want to check your website’s security against copyright claims, go to the  Google Removal Page and enter the URL of your website


Use Google Webmaster Tools

In order to keep track of any type of unwanted changes made to your website, you can use Google Webmaster Tools

If you find your website blacklisted by Google, you should follow these steps to remove your website from Google’s Blacklist or remove Google blacklist Warning.

Go to Google Diagnostic Page

To identify what exactly is blacklisted on your website, you should check Google Diagnostic Page of your website. 

Request A Malware Review:

Once you have removed the malware from your site, you can request a malware review via Google Webmaster Tools to let Google pick up the latest changes on your site. This will have Google re-scan your site within a few hours.

First verify your website in Google Search Console. Once you’ve verified your website:

1.    Navigate to the Security Issues tab to review the issues Google has found.

2.    Select, I have fixed these issues.

3.    Click Request a Review. This normally takes a few days.

4.    Type detailed information in the box of what you did to fix those issues.

5.    Click the Manual Actions section.

6.    Continue to follow steps 1-4 until all issues have been removed from Google.


How to Prevent Future Hacks & Blacklists?

1.    Do not save credentials, like your FTP password, on your local PC

2.    Use strong passwords and try to set up difficult-to-guess usernames

3.    Make sure to scan your website frequently for web application vulnerabilities

4.    List all the third party plugins which you use and never forget to update all the plugins regularly

5.    Always set appropriate file permissions

6.    It is very important to protect your PC. Thus, make sure you regularly scan your local PC with a reputed antivirus engine

Updated on August 30, 2023

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